Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Nana Wars Update

It’s looking like there will be no big drama … which is good for HB, but not as fun for blogging purposes.

There was silence, then TH sent Nana a Mother’s Day card (okay, I handed it to him and made him fill it out), and then TH accidentally dialed Baba (his stepfather) instead of his brother and Baba was pleasant, and yesterday we got an anniversary card filled out by Nana that made no mention of anything.

I’m guessing she’s suppressing the part where TH told her she shouldn’t lie to HB, and has decided that HB just has behavioral issues. Because nothing could be her fault.

Don’t know yet if she’ll come to the birthday party. If so, that will be guaranteed to entertain. (At one birthday party, she wore a skirt short enough to flash her underwear and tried to discuss b***jobs with a rather conservative work colleague of mine.)


OMDG said...

Ok, for a moment I thought to myself, "Well what's wrong with discussing boob jobs? Your colleague must be very conservative indeed!" And then I remembered there was another 4 letter word that went with "jobs" that also began with the letter b.

I think my failure to think of this means that I am getting old. Or maybe just senile. Or perhaps both.

M&Co. said...

That just creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - these stories so remind me of my MIL! We go through all the same dramas with her. I am often quite convinced that if we had have had children, we would now not be in contact at all, because I could not have stood the interference and damage. She's bad enough with my BIL's kids, but they love the help so they practically let her bring them up (shudder). We find as well that when it all gets too much and we give her a very strong signal, she backs right down - until she builds up steam for the next time! The plastic surgery bit made me smile too - my MIL has had extensive procedures, including a tummy tuck which she would not stop flashing at me, despite repeated begging on my part that she not do that. It made me feel quite ill, not just the scar, but seeing a ironing board flat stomach (with false navel) on a 60 year old woman. She's since piled weight back on so I guess it was all for naught anyway.


Diane said...

Oh my reaction was the same as Old MD Girl's and really I did not clue in until I read her comment!

Count me in the old and senile group.