Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Brazilian Boy

Not depressed anymore, just unbelievably overbooked. Doesn’t feel as bad when I’m not depressed, at least.

I try to refrain from posts on “kids say the darndest things,” but I’m too busy to think of something better, and I have to get at least one post in for September.

The other evening I was in a restaurant bathroom with HellBoy. He is looking at me in his usual serious way.

HB: You know, not all grown women have furry va ginas.
Me: Um, they don’t?
HB: No. They have – well, you know how little girls’ va ginas look?
Me: Yes?
HB: They look like that, only much bigger.
Me: Have you – seen one like that?
HB: Ms. L at school. Her skirt came up on the playground.
Me: Uh, and she didn’t have underwear on?
HB: She did, but it kind of came up too … it’s complicated. But I saw hers. And it was like a little girl’s. But it was GINORMOUS [holding hands far apart from each other].