Monday, November 10, 2008

Genius My Ass

A little over a year ago, I went from never listening to music while running to almost always doing so. (Thanks again, E! Did you know my ipod survived even an epic soaking in a thunderstorm?) (Also, the pants fit, and belated thanks for those ...)

My problem: I don't have enough songs. Turns out, my favorite music is not my favorite running music. For running, I need:
  • A driving beat
  • Lyrics -- I can't run to the podrunner music, for instance -- but the lyrics must be interesting or funny, unless the beat is REALLY good
  • A certain je ne sais quoi -- and therein lies the problem
So it was with great excitement that I tried out the Itunes Genius feature. Finally! A way to locate songs that are like the songs I like but that I never heard of!

Some middle of the night insomniac hours later, I have come up with exactly one new song.

So I need suggestions from the real geniuses out there: you guys. Here's a snapshot of a few of my current running favorites:

Help me out here, people. What am I missing?