Sunday, November 25, 2012

Music III

To quiet the persistent nagging of one who shall remain nameless, my current running mix - slightly skimpier than usual at the moment because I had to rebuild my iTunes library:

  • Best for getting into rhythm: Ho Hey
  • Best to fire me up: Kill Your Heroes
  • Most likely to make me laugh (tie): Tusk and Sexy and I Know It
  • Most likely to make me sing along: Lonesome
  • Most likely to spur me into playing air drums while running: Little Black Submarines
  • On there longest - seven years! - and therefore an appropriate title: Can't Let Go
  • Newest: Home
  • Most likely to skip (three-way tie): End Love, Pumped Up Kicks, Waltz #2
I can't explain what makes something good for me to run to. My only firm criteria, I guess, is that it has to be rock or pop. Drums help. Jack White helps. A lot of things are on there for sentimental reasons - concerts I went to, videos I love, the person who introduced to the song to me, etc.; even if it's not a good running song per se, it puts me in mind of a good moment. Some songs rotate off quickly - the record was MGMT's Kids (played once, ear worm, waste of $1.29). Ideally I'd add a song every couple of weeks, but they're so hard to find.