Sunday, January 27, 2008

What's Your Word?

I may have spoken a little too early about having extra time. My Big Talk (which went well!), then a Saturday “retreat” for work (silly me, I didn’t realize that “retreat” meant “long-ass meeting” – though I guess I should be grateful that there were no falling-backward trust exercises), and some bumps in the road with the new colleague (e.g., a patient declaring “I never want to see that doctor again in my life”), and the month has veritably flown.

But! It could have been worse. I have had some great runs, I have not been ill, and today – today I tackled our “to be filed” pile of papers. I was a little shocked to realize that I hadn’t filed anything for about fifteen months, but never mind that now – I am now up to date. It’s frightening, how happy I feel about this. I keep stopping at the door of our office/guest room and peering into the formerly overflowing, now empty baskets just to bask in the overwhelming sense of order and accomplishment.

Anyway, what I really wanted to post about was this: a couple of months ago one of my residents and I saw a patient who had a tattoo over his heart that read (in the usual Gothic lettering so popular with tourist-trap tattoo shops):


Talk about truth in advertising. Naturally we got to talking about what one word we’d choose if we had to get a tattoo to describe ourselves. One resident thought his would be something along the lines of “Calm.” Another resident’s should be “Ebullient,” we all agreed. An attending who was passing by said hers should be “Skeptical,” but we argued with her on that; she’s actually kind of gullible.

So if you had to have one descriptor tattooed on you, what would it be? It has to be true most of the time, and something that those who know you well would agree is apt.

I’ll tell you mine after you all tell me yours.