Saturday, September 03, 2005

Why I Call Him TrophyHusband

It started as a joke, because he's six years younger than I am. He's also cute, in an intellectual/hipster/crunchy way. But mainly, he's much nicer than I am.

For instance: in the middle of all the craziness with having to get out of our house, he made time in his day to go and donate blood. Now, I know a lot of people donate blood, but I don't think anyone has had to work harder to do so than TH. A long time ago, before they had figured out how to test for HIV, my husband went to donate blood and was faced with a bewildering questionnaire. He's very smart, but he tends to over-think things, and he answered one of the questions wrong. Not wrong as in he was actually at risk for HIV; wrong as in he misunderstood what they were asking when they asked about his previous sexual contacts. (Let's just say that he had sowed some pretty wild oats, and that he's geographically challenged and didn't know exactly where in the world sub-Saharan Africa was, and ... oh, never mind.) So they politely told him thanks but no thanks. He was astonished, but didn't argue. But then the next time he went to donate, he found out that he was on the Blood Donor Blacklist. That's right, they will ban you for life if they think you might be tainted.

Now, many people (including me) would have said, phew, don't have to feel guilty about not donating blood anymore! But not TH. No, TH went on a campaign to clear his name and be allowed to donate blood once more. Which was NOT an easy task, let me tell you. And one fine day, he received a pardon and was restored to Approved Blood Donor status. And he has tasty and useful Type O negative universal donor blood, so they now want him a lot.

Of course, I got annoyed because it meant that he was spacey for the rest of the day and wasn't quite as useful as he usually is. But that's because I'm not nearly as nice as TH.

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