Friday, September 30, 2005

Weekly Wrap-Up

AngelBaby had his 15 month check-up this am, and we found that:
  • He remains in the 5th percentile for weight
  • He remains in the 10-25th percentile for height
  • His head remains in the 75th percentile
He looks like a Blow Pop.

The nurse practitioner has been concerned because he's had fluid in his ears at every visit, plus two ear infections last spring. But we took him for a hearing eval a couple of weeks ago, which he passed with flying colors, so we thought the issue was settled. But today she noted fluid again (no, really?), and wants to check with ENT about tube placement.

I think this could be described as elective surgery for nurse practioner distress. We're not biting.

In other news, I've been talking with my brother's girlfriend and her dad almost daily. Her mom has a pretty bad cancer, it turns out. They're wonderful people. Of course. Sucks.

In more other news, I'll be on call from 4:30 pm today until 8:30 am Monday. Fortunately one set of TrophyHusband's parents are coming for the weekend to pitch in with HellBoy. I am very lucky in the in-law category.

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Ms. Sheila Whotiger said...

Have you considered having your husband page you from the other room, so you can just escape. That would cross my mind.