Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's September, Maggots!

I’m getting better at the ipod running, thanks to some of the excellent advice I got here. I also found some ear buds that stay in my remarkably cavernous ear canals. (I bet I just creeped out someone who has an ear phobia. They made it through the cockroach post only to get hit with that. But it’s true, I have unusually large ones. The ears themselves are pretty normal-sized.) I’m discovering that I have way too many downbeat songs in my library, though.

(Speaking of downbeat songs, HellBoy’s most requested video at the moment is this one. Which is fine, except that he pesters me to explain the lyrics to him. Never mind the part about “when I moved in you”—how the hell do I explain what a “broken hallelujah” is?)

Now, are you maggots up & about? September is a great month to run no matter where you live. And don’t let Snickollet get you down. Running is running. We don’t all have to be able to do eleven-minute miles, PUSHING TWINS, without even training. So get your asses out there, and don’t time yourselves.

Speaking of September running, I run through a park that wedding parties often stop in to get photos done. Today, every bridesmaid there (about five separate groups) was wearing a shade of brown. Must be a September wedding thing. Seems like adding bridesmaid insult to bridesmaid injury. And most of the brides were in strapless gowns, though that style really flatters precious few. Ah well, they looked very happy, and I expect the photographers can crop my sweaty self right out of the background.


Vetmommy said...

I'm still running in the mornings here in Texas, where it remains so hot! 93 today! I can't wait for a cool front so I can start some afternoon running on the weekends. Right now, its too hot for me and dangerous for my canine running partner.

B.E.C.K. said...

Back when I was a church organist, the popular color combo for weddings was peach and brown. Blech!! Guess bad taste repeats itself. ;^)

Anonymous said...

Tee hee! At my September wedding, six years ago last Saturday, the bridesmaids' dresses were chocolate brown satin. My bouquet was pale pink and the bridesmaids' were deep pink and I thought (and, I admit, I still do think) the overall effect was beyond beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Young Master Hellboy has great taste in music!

(And many thanks for the rash advice!!!!)

Anonymous said...

I think it's nice that you use the internet to promote exercise & good health. Who knows how many people you've helped.

Anonymous said...

Hey...that song's from Shrek! 1-2? Not sure. Kinda sad that's where I know it from. My kids enjoy it, as do I.

I broken hallelujah is just an unfilled wish or dream. That is a tough one to explain, to anyone! Like having to wear a strapless brown bridesmaid gown....

This site has inspired me to run again. I am 28 weeks pregnant now, but I will be out there come spring-time. My husband is getting me a treadmill (upon threat of death) for Christmas. So, I will be starting back on that. I seriously can't wait!! Just doing the slow and steady waddle-walk right now.

Anonymous said...

When and where (meaning, outside vs. gym) do you run once the sun sets so early? I love running outside, but find that so much harder to fit into a schedule where I'm working or with the kids from 6:30 a.m. to 7.30pm, especially when the days get short -- what's your secret?

Snickollet said...

Oomph, I've been out there but feeling like I'm dragging, so thank you for the kick in the ass and the reminder that being out there is the important part.

I just went to a wedding last weekend and the colors were brown/orange/yellow/cream. Sounds hideous, but it was actually gorgeous. I'm totally with you on the strapless gowns, though. One of my wedding dress requirements (actually, it's a requirement for any formalwear that I get to pick out myself) was that I be able to wear a regular bra with it. Strapless does not fit that bill.

Anonymous said...

I love that song too! Rufus Wainwright does the version from Shrek.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately precious few wedding dresses are made in a non-strapless style these days. I regret my strapless dress...and I think I knew I would when I bought it...but there weren't many other options.

Anonymous said...

Listen up all you running maggots!

I hate to inject a sobering request in what is a lighthearted post, but I just cannot NOT appeal to you runners out there.

Blooming YaYa has put the spotlight on another atrocity in Africa, mostly against women and children in Eastern Congo. While there is no competition among worsts, it is on a scale larger than Darfur, and the crimes are more horrific.

You can read a very recent report here and an older one (but more graphic) in Glamour here.

Warning: This is not for the fainthearted.

If you feel moved, you can help by signing online petitions here and here to the President of that "democratic" country.

And, perhaps more enticingly for this group of maggots, you can Run for Congo Women.

Anonymous said...

One of the petitions, the second, was not directly related to the East Congo women, but it about gender rights in general (a good thing).

Here is the more specific online petition that may help Congolese women.

Anonymous said...

Argh, I can't get this to work. The site is:

Anonymous said...

Still running. Had the thrill of jogging through Central Park this summer and was in my own personal Chariots of Fire movie, until some 70 year old master running group blew by me. They were magnificent, but I had more hair!

Told a dear friend of your program, and she's now on week 6 of running 30 minutes 3/week.

Thanks for the inspiration, and asking about us lowly maggots.


Feral Mom said...

One of the things I love/hate about Los Angeles is that there is absolutely no excuse for not running. It rained for about five minutes last week and everyone lost their shit.

So I'm trying to get back on track, and mostly succeeding. There be hills here, though. On the minus side, PAIN. On the plus side, I'll have the calves of a mountain goat by Xmas.

Thanks for making me your Maggot.