Sunday, October 08, 2006

I Would Miss My Water If My Well Ran Dry

A quick word on water.

In my earlier post on the subject, I may not have made it clear that I love water. When I want a non-caffeinated, nonalcoholic beverage, it is my drink of choice. I drink it before and after running. I drink it with lunch. I drink it first thing in the morning upon arising (granted, I need it at that time to swallow my pills, but it tastes good too). Until HellBoy was old enough to snatch at it, I drank it whenever nursing. And it's what I keep in HB's sippy cup.

Please, if you are thirsty, by all means drink water. If you are thirsty, you need it, and it's far better for you than anything else you'll find in the cooler at the 7-11.

My only objection to water is that people keep spreading the myth that you should drink more of it than you're thirsty for.

So drink up! (If you're thirsty.)


Maman said...

Bless you DoctorMama! I will no longer feel guilt because I will not drink my weight in dihydrogen monoxide! In fact, I felt almost virtuous drinking my way through a pitcher of sangria last night (I was thirsty for the seltzer.. clearly!)

meno said...

My biggest complaint about drinking all the water that i am "supposed to" is that i have to pee every 20 minutes. Glad to know that i don't have to if i don't want to.

Anonymous said...

By all means, water is the best drink on earth. You can't do better than a cool glass of water. BUT... too much water can be a dangerous thing. If you have a heart problem or tend towards edema, DO NOT drink to excess. Drinking too much water in those circumstances can cause congestive heart failure and death. I know, I did it myself. With a hospitalization and a lot of lasex, I lost 20 lbs of water in 2 days.

Now I'm restricted to 4 large glasses of water a day, and I've learned how to regulate my water intake so that I'm not thirsty anymore.

If you are inordinantly thirsty and you drink and drink and drink, consult your physician for a diabetes check.

Gregory House, PA-C said...

I hate cold water. I don't know why but I take room temperature water over cold any day of the week. But even then I despise it.

Orange juice is my favorite non-carbonated/caffeinated drink. Actually it's probably my favorite drink out of everything. I'm not having any of that from concentrate crap though. It's the real stuff or nothing.

Anonymous said...

Have people been giving you smack on the supposition you are down on water.

I am a water obsessed person. When I read your thing about the water I was thinking about how I drink at least 100 ozs. of water a day when I am working--actually between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. That's not including the gallons of tea I drink. And coffee. Sometimes more. I would die of thirst with just 8 glasses. The only drink I like more than Poland Spring Mandarin Orange flavored water is really good red wine.

I have to admit that I think often of your medical myths posts--partly as a kind of sociological observation of myself and others. How medicine is perceived in society. If you wonder why people persist in their adherence to unverified medical claims--part of it is the constant barrage of studies in the media. It's not just that you hear crazy studies but also some small data is trumped up by science writers to be the shocking revelation of how to live eternally. But some of these are delightful and amusing. I love it that coffee is now a 'health drink. I guess the legend that too much coffee killed Balzac in his mid fifties must be false then. Reports are that his intestines turned black.

Anyway, don't listen to the pro-water critics. Your posts are so interesting. I think it would be fun to be a sociologist of medicine--at least for a little bit. Atul Gawande with out the M.D.

shetha said...

oh I do love my water, too! It's especially nice chilled right after a steamy shower or bath, or run. Although I forget what running's like. Can't wait to try that again...

Laura said...

I got hooked on water ten years ago when I was directed to drink, drink, drink during a complicated pregnancy. Drink I did because while on complete bedrest so I would have a reason to get out of bed. Being the good patient that healthcare folks tend to be, I flat out refused to use a bedpan or bedside commode. Instead I insisted on bathroom privileges.
Nowadays, one never sees me without my water bottle and guzzle it I do all the time. It's an addiction I tell you.

DoctorMama said...

ozma—a little bit of smack, but mostly just sidling up to me guiltily and saying, "but I really LIKE water ..."

And you know, the sociology of medicine IS a field.

laura—I wonder if there's a twelve-step program?

georgia, it's hilariously, crazily wrong. If thirst were not a near-perfect mechanism, humankind would never have made it to the 21st century. Hell, thirst is one of the few things we CAN trust our bodies about. If people would stop wasting time buying, drinking, and peeing out superfluous water and spend that time exercising instead, it would be a wonderful thing. (Though at least running to the bathroom gets you out of your chair, I suppose.)

CecilyK said...

Ha! I inspired a post! Big ego is mine today. LOL.

E. said...

I, too, prefer room temperature water. And I love water, partly b/c it's the only drink that doesn't require you to brush it off your teeth (or rinse ... with water!)

Hey, what about when you're sick? "Bedrest and liquids" - true? Does water help flush out what's ailing you?

Sarah said...

Does drinking more water clear up your skin? I heard that somewhere. I think. (Please don't throw things at me)

Anonymous said...

Is pregnancy somehow different with regard to water needs? My midwife said I should drink a gallon of water every day - I don't, because I just can't remember to drink that often, but I feel bad about it.

DoctorMama said...

Cec, I'm sure you've inspired MANY a post.

E, well, the one time it's very easy to get dangerously dehydrated is if you have diarrhea, so there it makes sense. Aside from that, I doubt it, but it's never been studied. It's not really studiable, I think.

sugar pixie, I WISH that were true -- then I could throw away my messy potions.

vanessa, I think she is trying to drown you. Do NOT feel guilty. Getting truly dehydrated may cause some contractions (and when I was tortured with preterm contractions, I did drink more than usual just in case -- but nothing even close to a GALLON), but your thirst mechanism is not impaired by pregnancy -- if anything, it's dialed up. (Again, many years of evolution ... )

Anonymous said...

I'm relieved I have found someone else that doesn't agree with the 2 liters a day. Just found your blog and I like it a lot.