Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Shh, He'll Hear You

HellBoy is starting to talk more, but his pronunciation stinks. The other day GoodCat wandered into the living room and HB started his usual "AT! AT! AT!"

"HB, can you say 'CAT'?" TrophyHusband asked.




Just then the cat started to do what cats are wont to do, and TH, getting bored of the lesson, said, "Can you say, 'The cat is licking his balls'?"

And HB shouted, "BALLS!!!!"

He also calls spoons "poon." We're going to start getting dirty looks at daycare if we're not more careful.


Anonymous said...

Hee. See, it's the initial consonants that can be truly funny. If you're lucky, he'll end up as one of those truck-obsessed toddlers who substitutes "f" for "tr." I used to babysit one of these fellas - it was HEEEEElarious. His mother didn't think so... she followed him around saying, Truck, teh, teh [the "tee" sound]."

He happily responded, "Fuck! Teh! Teh!"

My favorite, though, was that as we drove around town he'd excitedly point out all of his favorite objects: "Dump *uck! Recycling *uck! Big red fire *uck!"

Learning to talk is hard for them! But hey, the comic relief (for us) is priceless.

Orange said...

Exactly, Jenny! "Fire fuck!" "Blue garbage fuck!" "BIG fuck!"

Mignon said...

My brother calls me Prissy, shortened from an annoying childhood nickname. His son, bad with r's, calls me Pussy. Or I think he's bad with r's...