Monday, August 22, 2005

Hospital Taliban

I got an email today from an administrator at the hospital where the residents I oversee spend most of their time. An excerpt:
Today [one of the residents] looked like she was in her pajamas. She had on scrub pants rolled down from the waist so that her belly/midriff was exposed about 2" where her t-shirt did not reach to her pants. Would you please speak to her about it? Does she really want her bare skin exposed to the patients?

I'm not really in favor of residents coming to work dressed like Christina Aguilera, but I'm irritated that someone is roaming the hospital halls like the Taliban, measuring the amount of uncovered female flesh. And I don't think I'll use the line, "Do you really want your bare skin exposed to the patients?" Since, after all, we're trying to dispel the cootie theory of disease among our students and residents.


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Orange said...

You know, I still can't persuade my father-in-law, an anesthesiologist, of the germ theory. He has concerns about my son getting wet or chilled and catching something as a result. I don't think he has cootie issues, though.

I was going to ask you how you happened upon my blog, but then I saw that your blogroll and mine overlap. Anyway, welcome to blogging! It's a great way to "meet" like-minded smart mamas and non-mamas, and the writing-outlet-for-your-thoughts part? Not too shabby either.