Monday, September 12, 2005

There Is a Water Service Which Will Solve an Agony

I had noticed that someone already had the website, so I went to investigate. Turns out it's a Korean OB/Gyn's address. I used the handy Google translator, and this is what it came up with:
There are to women and is not a place which is an obstetrics and gynecology certainly it will not become it is a place which is necessary but it wants hiding, when it distinguishes the place which is shy the place where the women of most good season dislike most because of point rightly it is an obstetrics and gynecology hospital.
It is like that but it uses a recently internet and it does not distinguish a confidence not to be, it stands but as much as there is a water service which will solve an agony and there was a water service which will find the medical treatment knowledge which is necessary and. Is caused by with the medical treatment knowledge which it is knowing but by mistake and there is also a case which ruins the health of the oneself with the own diagnosis which set it calls rather ... the agony which it will not be able consultation of cool solution and disease it led in order to everybody wild side more nearly, this space polyvalent good season it prepared. Thank you.
I haven't a clue what all that means, but I would like to try the water service which will solve an agony, and the doctor seems like a pretty fun guy:

The weird thing is, the photos at the top are of white babies. What is it he's promising, anyway?


Orange said...

I think the doctor's doing his impression of a baby squeezing its head through the birth canal. No?

Ms. Sheila Whotiger said...

I don't think you translated into english, and I could not find the pictures of the white babies. I love the internet, oh I bet its water births or something.