Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Making Amends, and Walking

I have made amends. I put four Choco Tacos in the staff refrigerator and an anonymous note:
Soon thereafter an addendum was written below my note:
Thanx U Rock!
So I think I've been absolved. And I do feel much better. Apparently somebody has been stealing Snapples too, but I swear I didn't do it this time.

AngelBaby decided to become a true toddler yesterday -- he started walking for the hell of it, rather than as a party trick to amuse us. More things to worry about now, but I'm overall glad about it -- his knees are a fright and his hands get filthy because he insists on crawling on the sidewalk. And now he can move up to the toddler room at daycare. Right now he's the oldest kid by far in the infant room. 15 months old, and already held back.


Orange said...

Ben didn't walk until 15 months (adjusted age). You wait and you wait and you wait, and finally the kid learns to walk. And then you curse the walking. He kept crawling for a while anyway because he was so much faster on all fours.

Good job with the Choco Tacos—now you won't have to go to hell, eh? (I forget which circle of hell Dante set aside for thieves of quiescently frozen snacks.)

Ms. Sheila Whotiger said...

15 months old and already held back. It's lines like that that make my co-workers look at me and wonder why I am laughing. My middle son was in the toddler room until he was like 3 1/2 (a year older than the other kids) cause he would not go potty. Let me tell you he ruled that school.

DoctorMama said...

Yeah, we're already cursing the walking. We couldn't finish our run tonight because he just had to get out of the jogging stroller and walk. I think he planned to walk all the way home. Barefoot, through the city.
SW -- he had a sweet deal, eh? He got to boss around the other kids and poop in his pants.